International Matayoshi Kobudo Association – USA


The purpose of MKAA is to further the art of Okinawan Matayoshi Kobudō as taught by the Matayoshi family, and promote the growth and development of its members by providing programs and events that teach Okinawan culture, history, and perfection of technique.

The Matayoshi Kobudo Association of America is a founding Association of The International Matayoshi Kobudo Association, IMKA.  IMKA was founded by Andrea Guarelli Sensei and his students from different countries with the purpose of spreading the school Matayoshi Okinawan Kobudo across the globe.  Sensei Guarelli is a direct student of  Shinpō Matayoshi Hanshi.  MKAA and IMKA seek to preserve and teach traditional Okinawan Kobudō as developed by Master Matayoshi.

The History, Tools and Techniques of The Ancient Martial Art


Okinwan Kobudo

By Sensei Andrea Guarelli from Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY